Friday, December 4, 2015

Put on Your Sunglasses

The conversation I had today with my 4 year old son while driving in the car.

Tommy: Dad, can we pray tonight that Jesus will come soon so that we don’t have to die.
Me: Yes we can.
Tommy: Actually, Dad, can we pray for that right now?

[So we did—while driving in the car.]

Tommy: Dad, do you think God will give me a horse when I get to Heaven?
Me: I’m not sure, Bud, but maybe He will!
Tommy: Is Jesus’ horse white or black—I can’t remember.
Me: White
Tommy: Oh, yeah.  Everything in Heaven is white—the angels, Jesus…

[He then continued, with a completely serious, almost-theological tone...]

Tommy: Oh wait, Jesus is light.  He is so bright that I’m gonna have to wear sunglasses when I go to Heaven.

Me: Yup, that’s a good idea.

[And then he put on his sunglasses in the back seat, as we continued on our way.]

Did Tommy put on his sunglasses because of the sun beaming in his eyes through the backseat window?  Or was it perhaps, because, in his child-like faith, he believed God heard our prayers and that Jesus may truly come at any time?  I’m not really sure.

But I do know this—

  1. God does hear our prayers!
  2. Jesus will come back.
  3. God wants us to look for His coming and love His appearing.
  4. God wants us to be ready always!
He wants us to put on our sunglasses.

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